Links to all assignments

Infovizualization by Shridhar Pabbishetty:

Assignment: To make an interactive visualization using data modelling techniques to visualize Indian Tourism Data. Link: Visualizing Indian Tourism,  Duration: 2 weeks

This is the first iteration of this visualization as a result of which it is at a nascent stage right now, further refinement on this will be done.

Geo-visualization by Arun Ganesh:

Assignment:  A schematic map of Goa showing major historic sites and a terrain map of India. Link: Geo-visualization  Duration: 5 days

Write-ups: The Checklist- Atul Gawande and Design of Data figures. Link: Design of Data Figures and The Checklist

Workshop by S.Anand- To visualize Indian Temperature of last 100 years. Link: Visualizing India’s Temperature over a century.

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